N81 W. Duke Son Jokes

1890 W. Duke son jokes. N81

A bachelors error

A bare chance

A boxer

A pot boiler

A skeleton in the closet

A taking man

A test case

A winning way

An awful waste

Bracing up

Brain food

Bright’s disease

Building lot

Business is dull but he can’t kick

Cold comfort

Dressed beef

End man

Full hand

Garden party

Ground hog

He stoops to conquer

Heavy ring

High lands

Hop scotch

High and lofty tumbler

Leading the German

Looking out for no. 1

Losing time

Lying out of it

Minstrels lay

Oer an oar

Old pint comfort

One good turn deserves another

Organic revolution

Putting on airs

Rushing the growler

Santa clause has to furnish the stocking


The colored race

The drama is making lond strides

Time is money


When the swallows homeward fly

Worth winning